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Shenseea pleases fans with Red Stripe Live performance

Shenseea performing at the recent Red Stripe Live Summer Edition at Grizzlys Plantation in St Ann.

The lone female entertainer to grace the stage at the recent Red Stripe Live Summer Edition at Grizzlys Plantation in St Ann, dancehall artiste Shenseea delivered a sizzling performance that sent her fans into a frenzy.

Ripples of cheers could be heard across the venue as Shenseea served up her growing catalogue of music including favourites such as “Loodie” and her most recent hit single featuring Tyga, “Blessed”.

Her high-energy set lacked nothing as her “no holds barred” persona, alluring charm and sensational vocals created a scene of mass enjoyment demanding the rapt attention of all patrons. 

“I’m from St Elizabeth so you know we have to keep it real,” she said before singing her hit single, ‘Tie me up’, which echoed throughout the venue as patrons sang along to the popular lyrics.

She received even louder cheers of approval for  “ShenYeng anthem” which seemed to be the mantra for all the women in the venue.

The performance was made extra special when Shenseea invited her fans to dance to the singer’s first major hit, “Jiggle” for a chance to win J$50,000. 

Shenseea then gave a hearty tribute to her supporters who came to see her perform live; one hailing as far away as Africa.

“It is moments like this for which Red Stripe Live was created,” said junior brand manager for Red Stripe, Reshima Kelly. “The opportunity for consumers to interact in such an intimate and personal way with local talent  is what the brand stands for while also standing up for and showcasing not only seasoned artistes but up and coming talent who deserve to be spotlighted.”

The Red Stripe Live series was launched in January this year, and aims to create a platform for unforgettable experiences with good food and great music. The series embodies all that is associated with live music: spontaneity, dynamism and positivity. The next event is slated for November at the Waterfront in Kingston and will feature an eclectic line-up of 90’s dancehall stalwarts.

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