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Tivoli Gardens F.C.

Tivoli Gardens Football Club is a Jamaican football club, based in Kingston.
They currently play in the Jamaican National Premier League and their home stadium is the Railway Oval. Founded in 1970,Tivoli Gardens Football Club is headed by former Prime Minister the Rt Hon Edward Seaga, who served as Member of Parliament for forty years. Five-times national champions, they won their first Premier League title in 1983.
The club operates on lands previously home to the Jamaica Railway Corporation. The grounds are laid and the sight of old railcars. A number of major companies post their billboards on the complex which provides valuable cash to meet operational and development needs.


Shavar Campbell

Born: June 17, 1988
Position: Defender

Shakeil Lewis

Born: November 5, 1996
Position: Forward

Rushane Facey

Born: February 21, 1997
Position: Defender

Romaine Brackenridge

Born: September 13, 1994
Position: Defender

Rohan Reid

Born: November 3, 1981
Position: Midfielder

Robert Stephens

Born: November 2, 1992
Position: Forward

Nickoy Christian

Born: August 23, 1991
Position: Midfielder

Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Clarke

Born: January 7, 1996
Position: Goal Keeper

Miquel Ricketts

Born: September 15, 1987
Position: Forward

Marvin Stewart

Born: October 7, 1983
Position: Defender

Leroy Jones

Born: July 17, 1995
Position: Defender

Kimarley Leslie

Born: May 6, 1994
Position: Defender

Kevin Graham

Position: Defender

Kemar Seivwright

Born: March 5, 1989
Position: Defender

Junior Mcgregor

Born: October 3, 1995
Position: Midfielder

Jermaine Johnson

Born: June 25, 1980
Position: Midfielder

Howard Morris

Born: April 1, 1997
Position: Midfielder

Fitzroy Campbell

Born: December 24, 1987
Position: Offensive / Striker

Edsel Scott

Born: December 4, 1976
Position: Goal Keeper

Donald Alvaranga

Born: June 17, 1986
Position: Defender

Davin Walkins

Born: December 24, 1986
Position: Goal Keeper

Cornielious Simms

Born: January 16, 1991
Position: Midfielder

Barrington Pryce

Born: August 4, 1993
Position: Defender

Andrew Christie

Born: October 15, 1990
Position: Midfielder

Andre Morgan

Born: October 8, 1988
Position: Midfielder

Andre Mcfarlane

Born: September 14, 1991
Position: Midfielder

Ajuma Johnson

Born: May 7, 1996
Position: Midfielder

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