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Portmore United F.C.

Portmore United Football Club is a Jamaican football team that currently plays in the National Premier League. The club was formed as Hazard United and has been around for more than 20 years. They started out in the Clarendon League in Division 2, then played two years in Division 1 when they qualified for Craven A Premier League. They have been in Premier League ever since. Hazard United were based in May Pen and won two league titles (1993 and 2003).

Move to Portmore and rebranded Portmore United
In 2003 the name was changed primarily for financial reasons and the club was moved to Portmore the same year. JFF regulations now stipulates that each club must have stands that can seat at least 1,500 persons and Clarendon did not have one. So to facilitate this requirement, the team moved to St. Catherine and now uses the FerdiNeita Sports Complex. Both Clarendon and St. Catherine Football association agreed to the sharing of the complex initially. In 2002, the St. Catherine association suggested Hazard change their affiliation and become a St. Catherine team. In St. Catherine however the home crowd has not grown, because the team name was still associated with Clarendon… so to get a parish identity they have changed their name to Portmore United. The club has won four (4) premier league championship since it relocated to the Portmore community.
The club also has Under 20; Under 17; Under 15 and Under 13 teams. A number of players from these teams have represented the country
In October 2008, Portmore were stunned as technical director Donovan Duckie quit the club because of personal reasons. Duckie had only just succeeded Horace Reid in August 2008 after Portmore won the league title. The team is now being coached by Andre Waugh (technical director) and joint head coaches, Geoffrey Hewitt and Linval Dixon.

Official trophies (recognized by CONCACAF and FIFA)

Jamaican National Premier League: 7
1993, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2017–18, 2018–19
JFF Champions Cup: 4
2000, 2003, 2005, 2007

CFU Club Championship: 1


Upston Edwards

Born: December 10, 1989
Position: Defender

Tramaine Stewart

Born: May 1, 1988
Position: Midfielder

Suelae Mccalla

Born: November 24, 1992
Position: Offensive / Striker

Stephen Williams

Born: December 3, 1990
Position: Defender

Shawayne Nelson

Born: April 23, 1997
Position: Offensive / Striker

Sean-shaven Paul

Born: March 11, 1991
Position: Goal Keeper

Saneekie Burton

Born: August 27, 1997
Position: Offensive / Striker

Rodian Jennings

Born: September 1, 1994
Position: Forward

Roberto Johnson

Born: September 23, 1995
Position: Defender

Ricardo Morris

Born: November 2, 1992
Position: Midfielder

Rayan Wellington

Born: March 5, 1991
Position: Defender

Osani Ricketts

Born: January 8, 1993
Position: Defender

Mark Alves

Born: October 16, 1994
Position: Forward

Maalique Foster

Born: November 5, 1996
Position: Midfielder

Kemo Gayle

Born: January 29, 1995
Position: Midfielder

Kemar Phillpott

Born: September 16, 1993
Position: Midfielder

Kemar Foster

Born: August 30, 1992
Position: Goal Keeper

Kareem Manning

Born: November 6, 1993
Position: Defender

Kambuji Mccalla

Born: October 9, 1994
Position: Midfielder

Jovan East

Born: March 22, 1995
Position: Forward

Iishmael Currie

Born: March 21, 1996
Position: Midfielder

Henrico Ricketts

Born: February 6, 1995
Position: Defender

Ewan Grandison

Born: November 28, 1991
Position: Midfielder

Eric Edwards

Born: September 24, 1997
Position: Goal Keeper

Donan Atkinson

Born: July 5, 1993
Position: Goal Keeper

Demetri Dunkley

Born: June 27, 1996
Position: Offensive / Striker

Damono Solomon

Born: January 13, 1994
Position: Defender

Damion Binns

Born: October 14, 1991
Position: Defender

Cleon Pryce

Born: April 21, 1994
Position: Forward

Christopher Stone

Born: July 22, 1996
Position: Offensive / Striker

Andre Dyce

Born: February 22, 1988
Position: Offensive / Striker

Adoah Nickle

Born: February 20, 1991
Position: Midfielder

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