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Harbour View

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Harbour View F.C.

Founded along with the Harbour View community in 1960, the professional club was officially established on 1974. The Harbour View Stadium carries the nickname “The Compound” and is the first football specific club stadium built on the island and in the Caribbean. Winning records include taking home four titles in the National Premier League, two CFU Club Championships, four Islandwide Knockout titles, six KSAFA Knockout titles and four CONCACAF Championship appearances. The club was the first Jamaica football club to become incorporated in 1999 as a limited liability company.


Tevin Stewart

Born: July 14, 1995
Position: Forward

Tajae Willis

Born: November 18, 1995
Position: Midfielder

Rosario Harriott

Born: September 26, 1989
Position: Defender

Rickcardo Harriott

Born: August 3, 1988
Position: Defender

Ranique Muir

Born: January 21, 1989
Position: Forward

Odane Samuels

Born: October 7, 1995
Position: Defender

Nicholas Beckett

Born: September 11, 1987
Position: Midfielder

Mark Bryan

Born: March 25, 1991
Position: Goal Keeper

John ross Edwards

Born: January 27, 1988
Position: Midfielder

Jaleel Chamberland

Born: May 10, 1996
Position: Midfielder

Hugh Evans

Born: October 3, 1994
Position: Defender

Evan Taylor

Born: January 25, 1989
Position: Midfielder

Dejanni Isaacs

Born: September 7, 1993
Position: Defender

Dean - andre Thomas

Born: February 24, 1996
Position: Forward

Dario Stewart

Born: December 15, 1994
Position: Midfielder

Daniel Green

Born: June 10, 1997
Position: Forward

Daminan Anderson

Born: December 17, 1987
Position: Defender

Damarley Oliver

Born: December 21, 1990
Position: Defender

Bryan Evans

Born: June 22, 1992
Position: Midfielder

Ahmard Duncombe

Born: February 14, 1997
Position: Defender

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