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PLCA bringing former EPL boss to Jamaica to help boost local league

Richard Scudamore.

Richard Scudamore

New Chairman of the Premier League Clubs’ Association (PLCA), Mike Henry, is kick-starting the run-up to the 2019/20 Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) football season with a highly qualified striking partner on his team.

Approaching the September 1 league start date, Henry is set to host Richard Scudamore, former Chief Executive and later Executive Chairman of the English Premier League (EPL), on an advisory mission to help lift the standards of the local league along the lines of the EPL.

Henry, on whose personal invitation Scudamore is to visit the island, recently replaced the late Edward Seaga as head of the PLCA.

Henry said Scudamore is scheduled to be in the island from September 3-5 as a guest of the PLCA, to “help us to gradually reshape and bring the Jamaican premier league on a steadier path to make it more structured and marketable to pursue the same path on which the EPL was developed.”

The Humble Lion Football Club Chairman has long touted his vision of fostering globalisation of the top-tier of Jamaican football along the lines of the European football system generally. With that focus, he took Humble Lion into the local premier league years ago and has kept the team as a staple at that level since then, producing a few big scares for the traditional powerhouse clubs locally in the process.

Henry also announced that Red Stripe, the flagship sponsor of the local premier league over recent years, is back on board for the coming season and will, along with a number of other key sponsors and other potential backers, be engaged in direct dialogue with Scudamore, along with the leadership of the Jamaica Football Federation’s (JFF) and a number of other local football interests, during the former EPL boss’ trip to the island.

“Mr Scudamore will be here at my personal invitation and will be hosted by the PLCA, sponsored by Superior Parts, and his visit will be geared at helping us to up the ante on the potential and possibilities of the local premier league. Various other interests – certainly actual and potential sponsors – are to be in the mix as we seek to grasp this big opportunity to better position Jamaica’s club football structure going forward,” said Henry.

Scudamore was Executive Chairman of the EPL from June 2014 until his retirement in 2018. Prior to that, he was chief executive from November 1999.

The trained lawyer moved up the corporate ladder in sales, advertising and marketing in Britain and later the United States, including in telecommunications and the newspaper industry,

From 1997 to 1999, Scudamore was chief executive of the (British) Football League. This saw him responsible for the organisation of, and broadcast and commercial rights sales for, the Football League First, Second and Third Divisions and the Football League Cup.

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