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Manchester FA boss Baron Watson wants parish team back in RSPL

Watson…returned unopposed as president of Manchester Football Association

Having been given his own mandate on Sunday, president of the Manchester Football Association Baron Watson’s first priority is to get one of his clubs back in the Red Stripe Premier League.

Watson returned unopposed as president of the Manchester Football Association following their annual general meeting (voting congress) held at RADA Conference Room, Mandeville.

He was elevated to the post after then-president Dalton Wint resigned to take up the general secretary position at the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) in 2018.

Watson, who has worked with the Manchester FA for more than 20 years in various capacities, including committee member, technical committee chairman, first vice-president, and technical director, was given his own four-year mandate by the 12 clubs. He coached Mile Gully High School in the recently concluded daCosta Cup competition.

“One of the things I would like to do is that I took Kirkvine and Mile Gully to the premier league as a coach, so now I would like to ensure that we have a premier league team during my tenure. That’s something I am looking at,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

“I bring two teams as a coach to the premier league, so I want to bring more as president now,” he added.

“I have some other things as a priority, like getting the clubs properly structured. [For] most of the clubs there is just one person in charge,” said Watson.

“Governance is something that I am taking seriously, too, and we need to look at the constitution but we [are] waiting on the JFF because they told us they would be doing a template for the entire Jamaica,” said Watson.

“Then we have to get a field that we can call home. We have Brooks Park and we want to bring night football to our competition, especially the Major League and Division One. We want to reason with the powers that be in charge of Brooks Park to see if we can come up with some sort of partnership,” said Watson.

“My baby is ensuring that we improve the youth program and the coaches in the parish,” he added.

The Manchester Football Association executive members are as follows: Baron Watson – President; Dudley Powell – First Vice-President; Janice Grant – Second Vice-President; Omar Robinson – General Secretary; Latoya Clarke – Treasurer; Brian Sterling – Member; Derick Reid – Member; Michael Plummer – Member; Marvlyn Richards-Adams – Member, and Craig Larmond – Member.

“Some presidents before me did some work and I just want to continue where they left off,” concluded Watson.

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