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Excelling On And Off The Field: The RSPL Player Development Programme

Red Stripe continues to create opportunities for players in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL). Support for the league and its players has gone way beyond the field of play. In addition to weekly press conferences that have helped to raise the profile of the RSPL and increase the exposure of the players, the Jamaican beer company recently hosted the RSPL Player Development Programme at the Liguanea Club in St. Andrew.

Now in its second year, the RSPL Player Development Programme was tailored to address the needs of the players and prepare them for life’s challenges. Training sessions included social media management, which was co-presented by Sherie Ranston, social media and public relations manager for Olympic Champion Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce. Veteran sports journalist and broadcaster Ed Barnes took the sixty-six players through the rigours of public speaking and demonstrated how to do effective media interviews. The young RSPL ambassadors were also given some important facts on responsible drinking, conflict resolution and team building.

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