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Arnett will be stronger – Waite

Arnett will be stronger – Waite

After going down one-nil to Waterhouse in their Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) first-leg semi-final match at Drewsland mini-stadium on Monday, Arnett Gardens FC’s coach, Jerome Waite, said his team will be strengthened for the second leg next Monday at the Tony Spaulding Sports Complex, and he is “confident” of victory.
“It’s one-nil and we have a return leg, and the team will be strengthened. It’s all about Arnett Gardens having a Rumble in the Jungle,” Waite said.
The adjustment may come in his defense, which failed to deal with a Tremaine Stewart free kick in the 55th minute, which gave Waterhouse the lead.
The Junglists should have been down by at least three goals as Waterhouse had clear opportunities to increase their advantage but failed to do so. However, Waite expects to have some key players back for the crucial second leg.
Waite said with a number of key players expected to make a comeback into the team for Monday’s encounter, it will ensure that the team plays better.
“We have Vishunal Harris and Kemal Malcolm. Those are two of our key players. We were also hoping that we could get back Lennox Russell for this game but he will still be out. We have some work to do in the coming week and we will assess things and then we will take it from there,” he insisted.
Waite was also very critical of the way they conceded the goal and thought it could have been avoided. “The difference (in the game) came down to that error. That dead ball that scored was not even an aerial ball; it was in the path of the defender. But they (defenders) said the goalkeeper shouted for the ball, as a result, it ended up on the back post.
“But (next Monday), it will be a different ball game, and I am pretty confident (of victory),” he said.

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