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Imitation is sincerest form of flattery, Red Stripe says in response to Budweiser

  • Start: May 22, 2018
  • End: May 22, 2018

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Beer manufacturer, Red Stripe Jamaica, has responded to the international beer company, Budweiser’s release of a Red Lager beer in a bottle that it said is “sneakingly” similar to their traditional bottle which is lovingly called the Stubby.
Red Stripe in a release this afternoon said it is flattered by the fact that another international brand has decided to imitate the Great Jamaican Beer by using its stubby bottle, saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”
The 90-year-old lager has been using the iconic bottle since 1972 and the brand said the brew and the bottle have become synonymous with Jamaican pride.
“We see this as a clear indication that Red Stripe is indeed a global brand worthy of imitation. When you have an international brand using your bottle in an attempt to create excitement in the market, you know you’re doing something right,” said Nomonde Donsa, Red Stripe’s head of marketing.
Donsa acknowledged that historically, the bottle was in popular use by brands in other markets up to the 1950s, but asserted that for more than 40 years Red Stripe has created a unique brand identity with the stubby as a key element.
“Once you see that bottle with that red swoosh you know its Red Stripe. Anywhere you go in the world we stand out because people know our brand. It’s a powerful universal symbol that represents the pride of a people. As we say here on this beautiful island, ‘Jamaica to the world’,” declared Donsa.
The world-renowned brand said it has copped yet another Monde Selection award for quality in 2018, bringing to twelve the number of prestigious global awards to its credit.
Source: The Observer

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