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Cheers To Red Stripe

  • Start: May 2, 2018

Cheers To Red Stripe

If like the Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards judges, you are desirous of collating information about what happens bar-wise on a Monday night in Kingston you’d be well advised to have Jason Hendricks, brand manager, spirits, Heineken, on speed dial. Convincing him to share the deets of the contents of his Red Book might prove a tad challenging but not entirely impossible, as we discovered over cold bottles of Red Stripe at the beginning of a work week to boot, at GI GI’s HQ. “I wanted you to enjoy an authentic community bar experience,” he said. It was no idle boast. From the snack shop to the side where peanuts and strips of salt fish could be had to meet Reshi-Roma Wholesale proprietor Rudolph Daley a regular patron, and Lee “Scratch” Perry look-alike George ‘Rat’ Stewart, the community was well-represented.
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