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Montego Bay United F.C.

Montego Bay United F.C. formerly known as Seba United F.C., has been in existence since June 1972, from the vision of its Founder and President, Dennis Barton. Developed in the inner city communities of Paradise Rowe and North Gully, it has grown over the years to represent not only Montego Bay, but also, Jamaica. Historically they were the first rural based team to win the National Premier League in 1987; a feat in which they repeated in 1997, and are runners up in four other football seasons the latest being in 1998.

Their achievements include a total of five Premier League titles, one All Island Knock-out Cup title in 1992, Caribbean Football Union Club participants in 2014 and 2015, and participants in CONCACAF Club Championship in 2015. Traditionally, they have been known as the foremost competitor in the National Premier League, and major feeder to the Jamaica National Team.


Winston Wilkinson

Born: July 7, 1990
Position: Defender

Ronaldo Rodney

Born: October 21, 1990
Position: Midfielder

Romaine Bowers

Born: September 13, 1990
Position: Goal Keeper

Ramone Sibley

Born: December 13, 1996
Position: Midfielder

Otis Friend

Born: October 19, 1986
Position: Forward

Orlando Mcbayne

Born: June 23, 1985
Position: Defender

Nicodie Haughton

Born: September 24, 1992
Position: Midfielder

Nicholas Stewart

Born: March 7, 1992
Position: Defender

Lesly St. fleur

Born: March 21, 1989
Position: Defender

Ladale Richie

Born: July 30, 1989
Position: Defender

Keneil Kirlew

Born: February 28, 1993
Position: Midfielder

Kemar Drake

Born: June 11, 1991
Position: Defender

Kashief Brown

Born: September 18, 1995
Position: Forward

John Barrett

Born: November 28, 1990
Position: Defender

Johann Weatherly

Born: October 11, 1996
Position: Forward

Jermaine Woozencroft

Born: August 19, 1992
Position: Midfielder

Jason Watson

Born: March 2, 1991
Position: Midfielder

Jason Mclean

Born: January 10, 1993
Position: Midfielder

Jacomeno Barrett

Born: December 3, 1984
Position: Goal Keeper

Fabian Mccarthy

Born: August 21, 1990
Position: Midfielder

Dwayne Ambusley

Born: August 10, 1980
Position: Midfielder

Donovan Brown jr.

Born: April 10, 1998
Position: Forward

Donavan Carey

Born: June 23, 1992
Position: Midfielder

Dino Williams

Born: March 31, 1990
Position: Forward

Derron Mcleod

Born: August 30, 1991
Position: Defender

David Swaby

Born: June 3, 1996
Position: Goal Keeper

Cory Hylton

Born: December 31, 1993
Position: Midfielder

Cavaughn Smith

Born: July 6, 1994
Position: Offensive / Striker

Allan Ottey

Born: December 18, 1992
Position: Forward

Al Nesbeth

Born: August 13, 1992
Position: Defender

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