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Marverley Hughenden F.C.

The Maverley Hughenden Football Club was established in the year 1978 by Mr. Roopert Williams and Mr. Bradley Stewart with the intention of strengthening the community. 

Prior to calling themselves the Marverley Hughenden Football club, existed two separate clubs; Hughenden Football Club and Maverley Hughenden Football Club. In order to strengthen community relationships, the idea of joining the two teams was established, thus the Maverley Hughenden Football Club was born. 

Over the years the Club competed in all levels of the Football Competition. Excelling in the year 1988, when they won the Major League.

The team excelled better with the Junior Programs, as they won the Under 12, now called Under 13 in the year 1999.The Club continued to make strives over the years and did their best at all levels, but were not able to accomplish much more until the year 2016 when the Senior Team advanced from the Super League to the National Premier League. The Under 13 an Under 15 teams also excelled this year as the under 13 advanced to the Semi-Finals of the KSAFA Competition History is now in the making for this team, with the Motto “Never Quitting” they continue to do well.


Wayne Williams

Born: January 8, 1988
Position: Midfielder

Shevan Brown

Born: June 21, 1997
Position: Defender

Shamarie Dallas

Born: June 6, 1999
Position: Midfielder

Shamari Dyer

Born: March 31, 1995
Position: Defender

Ronaldo Moore

Born: January 21, 1997
Position: Defender

Roberto Fletcher

Born: July 25, 1980
Position: Forward

Renardo Burgher

Born: March 23, 1999
Position: Midfielder

Rashedee Clarke

Born: May 17, 1987
Position: Midfielder

Omary Edwards

Born: March 16, 1987
Position: Forward

Odayne Burgher

Born: October 23, 1989
Position: Defender

Nigel Reid

Born: December 17, 1981
Position: Forward

Nicholas Campbell

Born: October 6, 1990
Position: Goal Keeper

Nackwayne Parchment

Born: February 24, 1988
Position: Defender

Locksley Thompson

Born: March 17, 1980
Position: Forward

Kasai Hinds

Born: December 3, 1977
Position: Offensive / Striker

Jermaine Mccoy

Born: March 9, 1983
Position: Defender

Jabari Pinnock

Born: February 17, 1997
Position: Midfielder

Damian Campbell

Born: February 21, 1978
Position: Goal Keeper

Bobby Blake

Born: July 15, 1997
Position: Defender

Andrew Whyte

Born: September 17, 1988
Position: Midfielder

Andrew Peddlar

Born: October 9, 1985
Position: Defender

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