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Tivoli Gardens


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Boys' Town

Arnett Gardens

Boys' Town Kingston F.C.

Boys Town FC

Founded in 1940, Boys Town has served as a leading institution for the development of youth in Trench Town. Boys Town has had a long history of playing football and cricket at the highest level. For example, back in the seventies were champions in both the Senior Cup cricket and Division 1 Football competitions. They have won the Senior Cup cricket competition on two occasions, became National Football Champions on three occasions and have won the Kingston & St. Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) competition ten times.

Boys Town is fully committed to the development of its youth through sports and education. They place significant emphasis on the provision of opportunities to take individuals away from a life of crime and violence, and to dismantle the gangs. Developing partnerships for prosperity. For example, Boys Town participated in all age group football completion ranging from Under 13 and up right through to the Senior Program. The Club has also been represented in the Jamaica Football Federation and Sherwin Williams Women's League. The Club remains a shining example of what can be achieved within its community despite facing numerous societal challenges.


Xavian Virgo

Born: December 10, 1985
Position: Defender

Wayne Wedderburn

Born: October 14, 1997
Position: Defender

Wayne Ellis

Born: November 13, 1981
Position: Defender

Victor Thompson

Born: May 12, 1978
Position: Defender

Tarrique Campbell

Born: January 28, 1997
Position: Midfielder

Shoy Smith

Born: July 13, 1997
Position: Offensive / Striker

Shevon Richards

Born: August 1, 1997
Position: Midfielder

Shamar Price

Born: August 24, 1997
Position: Defender

Shamar Nicholson

Born: March 16, 1997
Position: Forward

Rupert Murray

Born: December 21, 1984
Position: Offensive / Striker

Pierre Mcpherson

Born: December 12, 1989
Position: Defender

Peter Keys

Born: June 10, 1986
Position: Forward

Michael Campbell

Born: January 30, 1979
Position: Midfielder

Michael Blygen

Born: January 28, 1986
Position: Forward

Leon Goffe

Born: March 28, 1987
Position: Goal Keeper

Lennox Cargill

Born: November 18, 1984
Position: Midfielder

Kirk Porter

Born: April 8, 1976
Position: Goal Keeper

Kimarley Fray

Born: September 14, 1995
Position: Defender

Kevon Wilson

Born: June 19, 1996
Position: Defender

Jerry Walter

Born: March 9, 1982
Position: Offensive / Striker

Jahvon Howell

Born: October 8, 1996
Position: Offensive / Striker

Garnett Tkevin

Born: August 31, 1994
Position: Midfielder

Garfield Gillespie

Born: August 1, 1983
Position: Midfielder

Dean Edwards

Born: June 18, 1996
Position: Defender

Daemion Benjamin

Born: June 20, 1982
Position: Defender

Claudious Blackburn

Born: February 28, 1990
Position: Forward

Chavaney Willis

Born: September 17, 1997
Position: Midfielder

Andrew Allen

Born: January 4, 1993
Position: Offensive / Striker

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